Supporting research

As a qualified supervisor I supported the research of 6 M.Phil students and was part of a team that reviewed research degree proposals in the Digital Design Centre at Glasgow School of Art .

Personal research and Fine Art Practice

The personal research activities I engaged in at the DDS are listed below;

Education: Collaborating with colleagues within the DDS on a number of small research projects that explored the use of digital technology to contribute to teaching, learning and assessment.   Other areas of interest are related to student centred learning, different approaches to educational structures and frameworks for teaching.

Fine Art Practice; My fine art practice is a key area of my own research and is primary focussed on the production of art work, including animation, that explore a range of themes related to three distinct areas. These are as follows;

  • The images of power: The work here is related to the symbolism of power and much of this work uses the stylistic language of late Roman and early Byzantine art.
  • Narrative figure painting: Traditional painting exploring themes related to British History and our relationship with them.
  • Photography. Documenting the portraits of historical re-enactment societies throughout the UK.
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