2008 – 2009  |  Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow  |  PG Cert in Supervision.  (CTLAD)

1996 – 1997  |  De Monfort University, Leicester  |  Design & Manufacture (Graphic Communication)

1992 – 1993  |  De Monfort University, Leicester  |  PG Cert in Education  Art & Design Education  (DFE number RP92/57607)

1988 – 1991  |  Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle Upon Tyne  |  BA (Hons) Second (Lower) Fine Art (Painting & Drawing)

1987 – 1988  |  Leicester Polytechnic, Leicester  |  Foundation Studies  Fine Art (Painting & Drawing)


May 2015 – present  |  De Monftort University – Lecturer in animation (Programme Leader) FT)

Jun 2010 – Jun 2013  |  Abertay University, Computer Arts  – External Examiner (BA Computer Arts)

Mar 2002 – Mar 2010  |  The Glasgow School of Art, Digital Design Studio, Glasgow  – Lecturer & Research Degree Supervisor in Animation (FT), Research Degree Co-ordinator (Digital Design Studio)

Jun 2003 – Sept 2007  |  Bournemouth University, School of Media, Bournemouth – External Examiner (MA Computer Animation, Digital Effects & MSC   Computer Animation)

Oct 1999 – Mar 2002  |  The University of Wolverhampton, School of Art, Wolverhampton – Lecturer in Animation (FT)

Jan 1995 – Jun 1996  |  Select Education (Teaching Agency), Leicestershire – Supply Teacher (PT. Various Duties)

Sept 1994 – Jan 1995  |  Southgate College, Southgate, London – Lecturer in Art & Design (PT)

Sept 1993 – Jul 1994  |  Southfields College, Leicester – Lecturer in Art & Design (PT)


I have over 16 years experience of working in education within the field of art and design. Over 10 years I have specialised in teaching animation and digital technology, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Within the Digital Design Studio at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) I worked as a lecturer and I was also a Research Degree Supervisor. Towards the end of my tenure I also took on the additional role of Research Degree Co-ordinator.

I currently work as Deputy Programme Leader and lecturer in animation and motion graphics at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester.

During my time within the Higher Education sector I have gained valuable experience in writing, developing and implementing educational programmes of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. I have strong curriculum development skills and have made significant contributions towards adapting existing courses and creating new courses and modules.

My academic research interests encompass a wide range of subject areas and are linked to my own fine art practice; aesthetics and the development of visual languages within early western cultures; teaching and learning; film and animation; and classical history. I am presently working on a series of paintings that explore cultural and historical narratives.


I have extensive experience of running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study which includes; managing and constructing timetables, delivering digital workshops, seminars, organising visiting lecturer programmes, writing capital bid proposals, organising and liaising with external examiners, assessment and examination, degree show co-ordination and incorporating new modes of delivery into postgraduate programmes of study. During my time at GSA I also gained valuable experience in writing validation and revalidation documentation for postgraduate programmes of study.

In 2005 I worked on bringing the 2D/3D motion graphics M.Phil into line with SCQF guidelines and was involved extensively with programme validation and revalidation. During the last year of my tenure I contributed towards the implementation of cross-school programmes of study and the development of new course and pathways at postgraduate level.

I initiated a series of major changes to the M.Phil in 2D/3D Motion Graphics course, making radical alterations to curriculum content and the programme rationale over the last eight years of my tenure. This involved expanding the curriculum to include not only the principals of the production pipeline but to highlight the need for creativity and aesthetics within visual work. I also incorporated this philosophy and approach when I constructed a new one-year Masters in Animation programme of Study at the GSA. These two courses were designed/redesigned to reflect the developments within the sector over the last decade.

Alongside these course developments I organised and managed the visiting lecturer programme where academics and professionals were invited to contribute to the taught elements of the course.

I also played a significant role in developing and implementing student recruitment strategy within the Digital Design Studio (GSA) and went on a number of overseas visits to both universities and education fairs. This included visits to South Korea, Hong Kong, China, The United States of America and Mexico. I regularly dealt with overseas applications and liaised with the International Office within the GSA.


Research support

As a supervisor in my final year at GSA I supported the research of 6 M.Phil students and was part of a team that reviewed research degree proposals. At DMU I supervise a number of students undertaking a Masters of Independent study in animation.

Fine Art Practice

My fine art practice is a key area of my own research and is primary focussed on the production of art work, including animation, that explore a range of themes related to three distinct areas. These are as follows;

  • The images of power: The work here is related to the symbolism of power and much of this work uses the stylistic language of late Roman and early Byzantine art.
  • Narrative figure painting: Traditional painting exploring themes related to British History and our relationship with them.
  • Photography. Documenting the portraits of historical re-enactment societies throughout the UK.

Educational research

My professional research interests are around different models of education, particularly anarchist pedagogical models such as the unschooling movement (Gatto), deschooling society (Illich) and the free school movement in America. I am also interested in how these models can be adapted to facilitate students with different educational needs.

I keep up with research into the potentials that technology offers for learning and teaching. The personal research activities I engaged in at the DDS included collaborating with colleagues on a number of small research projects that are exploring the use of digital technology to contribute to teaching, learning and assessment.  Other areas of interest are related to student centred learning, different approaches to educational structures and frameworks for teaching.

I sometimes work with Lou McGill Consultancy Ltd. to carry out a range of research studies around educational technology.

  • Evaluation study of Open Media Classes at Coventry University (link provided earlier)

A one-year Jisc evaluation study into the distributed open media classes at Coventry University. Final report published in 2015 and presentation at the annual Jisc Digifest Conference.

A Jisc study into the expectations and experiences of online learners. Final report published in 2016

A Jisc study into how Human Resources departments in colleges and universities are supporting staff digital capabilities (ongoing)


I have served as an internal panel member on numerous validation events for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study and I was an active contributor to a wide range of School wide committees, panels and discussion groups within the GSA. This included the ELIR (QAA) planning group, the Research Degree Sub Committee, the Postgraduate Committee, the Scholarship Committee and the Annual Programme Monitoring Committee. Admissions, Overseas Recruitment, Research and Board of Study.


Whilst at GSA I worked exclusively with postgraduate students, supervising research degree students undertaking M.Phil study and with Masters students on the 1 year M.Des in Animation course. As the only full-time member of staff on the academic team at the start of my tenure at the DDS I gained extensive experience in constructing and delivering digital workshops, running seminar groups, lectures, assessment and providing feedback. I supported a new member of the teaching staff during her probation year and continued to lead the teaching activities.

I led on teaching the 2D/3D motion graphics M.Phil programme and implemented the curriculum changes mentioned above. In 2007 I introduced the new Masters course in animation. Both courses focused on animation, encouraging students to explore their ideas creatively through this media, whilst offering a range of taught elements that provided a platform for self-learning. This new philosophical approach moved the courses away from an overtly technical investigation of process to one that is more fine art based. I wanted the courses to be about creativity and not just process.

Below I have listed some of the key developments which were incorporated within the new Masters programme:

  • Intensive script writing workshops (Focusing on story, narrative, structure and character)
  • Production methodology within computer animation (Pre-production, production and post-production)
  • Narrative pre-production courses with specific theory and research tasks embedded within each assignment.
  • Sound construction and editing workshops
  • Drawing for animation classes & Acting classes for animation (Focusing on character movement)
  • An expansion of content and material covered within the curriculum

Software Expertise: Maya. 3D Max. Avid. After Effects. Combustion. Shake. Photoshop. Lightroom.


I have worked as an External Examiner on the Masters in Computer Animation, MSc in Computer Animation and Digital Effects programmes of study at Bournemouth University and the BA (Hons) Computer Animation programme of study at Abertay University. I have also worked with the London Effects Animation Festival and been a panel judge for Scottish Bafta. I have also created a number of small pieces of work for exhibition; Glasgow Science Centre information overload (Video project 2007); ArtPark 2005 displayed in the House for an Art Lover (Video project 2005).

In 2010 I took the decision with my partner to take a break from full time education to home educate our teenage son who is diagnosed with Aspergers and is on the autistic spectrum. I also set up a commercial art gallery (The Whithorn Art Gallery), set up and chaired a growing arts and craft association within Dumfries & Galloway (Creative Whithorn). I used my free time to continue my fine art practice and was asked to be a board member of the Dumfries and Galloway Arts festival (  I was also involved in the initial programming and planning phase of an animation and experimental film festival to be based at the GrainStore in South West Scotland.