Project Description

End of History is a photographic project recording and documenting the portraits of reenactors involved in living history societies throughout the United Kingdom. This is a not for profit project and any income raised will be used to pay for travelling expenses and cover the cost of materials.

As part of this project I am planning to explore how history is interpreted and the re-interpreted by modern society.

Project guidelines

As the project began I decided to set up a series of guidelines and principles that I would following during each session. These practical boundaries are designed to force me to remain truthful to the photographs taken, maintaining their integrity but also still allowing me the creative freedom to manipulate and enhance when necessary. As the project develops it may be necessary to adapt or even abandon these rules in favour of a more open approach.

  1. All photographs must be taken during reenactment events on location within the UK and there should be no staging of scenes or use of actors. Events in Europe or America are allowed but must include British living history soceities.
  1. No studio lights or artificial lighting can be used during each session. A flash unit can only be used if the lighting conditions are so poor that normal methods are impossible. Reflectors may also be used if required.
  1. Photographs can only be digitally manipulated within a set number of parameters linked to exposure, colour temperature, clarity and contrast. However no attempts should be made to age the photograph or replicate historical techniques.
  1. As the project expands the use of film photography should replace the use of digital and be used to expand the range and type of portraits recorded. Finally incorporating processes and techniques used at the time.


I initially began the project as a means to develop a body of work for a photographic exhibition in 2010 but quickly decided to expand my original intentions after attending my first reenactment event. This would allow me time to explore a number of outcomes that will range from photographic work to a series of prints, paintings and scultures.

I have decided to leave open the planned completion date for this project and now forsee much of the work being viewed online. I have yet to decide if I should join one of the societies but I think it will provide me a greater insight into reenactment societies if I do and if my partner will allow me.